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Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) , a joint initiative of General and Higher Education Departments, was launched with an objective to impart quality skill education to the higher secondary / undergraduate students alongside their regular curriculum. Owing to the success of the program, attained over the years, the target group is widened to professional colleges and is now set to kick off community skilling through the Community Skill Parks and Advanced Skill Development Centres in Engineering Colleges. ASAP closely associates with the Central government agencies like National Skill Development Corporation and National Skill Development Agency and offer courses that are in line with the standardization parameters laid out by these organizations. 

The Community Skill Parks (CSP):They are the flagship initiative under Additional Skill Acquisition Programme by Govt. of Kerala. The aim of this project is to set up international level multiskilling center to empower the people of state as well as strengthen the community to secure better livelihood which lead to a stronger economy. Sixteen Community Skill Parks are planned all over the Kerala in two phases. Nine Community Skill Parks are in first phase and seven are in second phase. All CSPs are operating in PPP Model through a concession agreement.

Advanced Skill Development Center (ASDC): ASAP has started an initiative to cover the skill gap of Engineering graduates through ASDC. ASDC acquaints the students with various futuristic skill courses like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data analytics etc.Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning (AIM) is an emerging area of great interest nowadays and ASAP gives rise to an open opportunity for the engineering students, graduates and working professionals of Kerala by providing AI & ML specific courses to them. ASAP, in collaboration with IIT Madras, IIT Palakkad and College of Engineering Trivandrum developed the curriculum for AI & ML course. The certification for the course will be provided by IIT Madras.

There are 9 Skill Development Centers (SDC) under Trivandrum Districts and the District Programme Head Office is located at Govt.Model HSS Thycaud.The SDC s are headed by Programme Managers and supported by ProgrammeExecutives. Theone Skill Development Centre in Trivandrum District is located in Govt.College Attingal SDC. There are 12 institutions attached under the SDC, which includes 10 Higher Secondary schools and 2 College batches in and around Attingal and Varkalaregion. Around 330 students are being trained under SDC every year. They are being trained for their Foundation Module in their parent organizations and their Skill Classes are being conducted in SDC on all Saturdays/Sundays/ Public holidays. Foundation module is handled by the Skill Development Executives (SDEs) employed by ASAP and the Skill training is provided by NSDC certified trainers empanelled by the ASAP with Training Service Providers (TSPs). At the end of the training programme, students have to undergo an assessment that evaluates their proficiency and knowledge on the subject. Internal evaluations are carried out at various stages of class progression. ASAP coordinates with SSC and NSDC to conduct the assessment final.

Certification: On successful completion of the course, a student is entitled to receive a set of certificates that prove his/her merit on the domain subject. The certification process at the end of the program is in accordance with the conditions stipulated in National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).An ASAP Student receives the following certificates:  

1) APTIS Certificate– On completion of ASAP Foundation Module, British Council conducts a language proficiency test APTIS and issues APTIS certificate based on their performance.

2) NSDC / SSC Skill Certificate– National Skill Development Corporation / Sector Skill Council (SSC) recognized certificates are issued to all the qualifying students.

3) ASAP Course completion certificate- ASAP issues course certificate to all the students who have completed the course.

4)KTU Certificate– Along with NSDC/SSC certificate, qualified students will also receive a certificate issued by Kerala Technical University.

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