Sri.Abju.B                College Librarian - 9447497520

Smt.Shyla. V           Assistant Librarian - 9946535860


The Library shall be open from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on all working days of the College.

A student is permitted to borrow at a time only two books from the library.

Students should maintain absolute silence in the library.  They should not remove any Journal or News Paper from the library.

Books will not be renewed.  But if there is no reservation for a book it may be re-issued after return.

The transfer or sub-lending of books taken out on loan from the library is strictly prohibited.

Books of reference, illustrated and rare books, and special books and collections will not be lent.

Uncataloged and unnumbered books, current numbers of periodicals, etc. shall not be issued to any students or members of the staff.

Every person taking a book out of the library and every reader within the library shall be responsible for the safe custody and preservation in good condition of the books lent to him.

Borrowers are responsible for loss or damage to books taken out on loan or for consultation by them.  The marking of books with ink or pencil, underlining of passage, writing of remarks etc., are strictly forbidden.

If a book belonging to a set or series is lost or damaged and a  new volume is not separately available, the borrower shall be required to replace the whole set of series. The defaced or damaged book, set or series, will be given to the borrower after it’s replaced.

Any book may be recalled at any time even if the period of loan has not expired.

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